I have worked for nearly two decades researching, teaching and advocating to come upon this idea. Today will be okay. We are okay. And being okay is enough. Our survival rate for difficult things is 100%. Despite all the noise that says okay is not enough, being okay is the heart of authentic resiliency. Being resilient means, we are okay during a set back, challenge or a crisis and we are okay on the other side of it. How we get to and stay okay varies but the practice of continuing to push forward, even when it is hard, is a choice. Resiliency lives within us all. The only difference between those who can keep getting up after adversity and those who struggle with it, is knowing how to draw on this resource in times of need. This can be taught. Let me show how.


Community matters. I am looking forward to connecting with you. I welcome the opportunity to learn alongside you and explore this work. Often times, I like to share some posts from where I might be, some in-the-moment thoughts I have, amazing people I have met and learned from, or simply a puppy post! My intention is to use socials as a means of sharing, reflecting, and encouraging. It is not a highlight real rather a tool to start conversations and build a safe community for discussion. This isn’t for everyone, but I hope there might be something in there that resonates with you that might make your day, or that moment, a little better. Feel free to join me on this journey.


It’s that time of year again! Back to school marks the changing of another season – the end of summer days and the beginning of chillier months. It also presents a whole new reality for students, their parents/ supporters, as well as for educators. New classes, new routines, and new challenges ahead means that back to school is a right a passage. It can feel like a really big deal!