Part of my educational philosophy is to break down the barriers between knowledge and access. Following this idea, I have created open sourced white papers that highlight key ideas, concepts and practices that I use in my work. These works are based on the conceptual frameworks within behaviourisms and humanistic psychology. My intention is to contribute to information sharing that is research informed and readily available to everyone.


I’m often asked this question. Well, alongside, what the heck is a white paper anyway!

White papers have been around for over a century as a means of knowledge mobilization. Originally developed by the British government and flagged by the colour ‘white’ to identify that the paper was ‘public access’, meaning it was meant for everyone, white papers are informational documents that highlight a problem and offer sound, research-based, solutions.

There are three main types of white papers including backgrounders, product lists, and problem/solution; I create and author the latter.

In collaboration with some of my favourite work colleagues, from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences, we work diligently to produce meaningful and impactful resources that are readily available to everyone.

Although white papers are commonly designed for business-to-business (B2B) use, my intention is to provide researched informed content on just-in-time topics, that equip broader conversations.

My goal with my white papers is to move from heterogeneous group discussions like CEO talking to CEO, teacher talking to the teacher, parent talking to parent – to PEOPLE talking to PEOPLE, outside of traditional roles! I want to build capacity for real conversations on topics that impact us all and break down the barriers to who has access.

I dreamed of having my scholarship on topics like resiliency, well-being, stress, performance, teams, personal development, and professional wellness live outside the walls of the academy. This was how my dream unfolded – open-sourced white papers! I am also a huge advocate for self-learning and believe that sharing knowledge openly is one way I can give back to the people who continue to guide my learning every day.

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The Art, Science & Practice of Gratitude

Released: October 2022

Retrieving a fond memory brings us a deep sense of connection, comfort, familiarity and perhaps even a revert longing. Heart-warming memories are precious treasures. And for me, fall is the crescendo moment in the calendar to celebrate everything that matters most! 

Cover of Re-Imagining Our Ways of Work with a wooden bench

Re-Imagining Our Ways of Work

Released: September 2022

As the summer comes to a close, and children head back to school, it can be a time to settle back into routine and activities. And find those coats, sweaters, and boots, too! For some, fall might mean a change in routine for work, education, and other activities – many are returning to the premises after two and a half years of working or studying remotely or having gradually eased into a hybrid situation.

Unwinding After a Busy Year

Released: July 2022

The pace required to be an effective and impactful educator while also managing all the invisible labour outside of your profession is exhausting. It is no surprise educators share with me they don’t know how to relax!

Summer: Finding the Joy Through Humour

Released: July 2022

A key cornerstone of wellness is knowing how to have fun. The art of cultivating laughter, pleasure, and play and knowing how to enjoy moments of merriment is what resilient people do. A big side-splitting belly laugh feels good! Finding humour in even a dark situation brings levity and builds connection.

Resiliency Rising

Released: February 2022

I will share with you my evidence-based principles and practical tools that will empower you to move from grasping to stretching. To transform yourself from a state of coping to the state of growing. Together, we will learn how to rise from our adversity into a greater sense of ease, spaciousness, and pleasure once again.

Reclaiming Your Right to Recover

Released: October 2021

My history of self-care at times is dialed in, consistent, and glorious. I created systems that dramatically decreased the come-back rate (the time it takes to bounce back from fatigue or stressors) and other times, my self-care practices were completely abandoned. Despite knowing that my systems kept me healthy, well and whole, they would fall to the wayside when the ‘doing needed to be done’. And during this season of neglecting my self-care practices, I paid a high price.

Steady & Ready:
Back to School Edition

Released: September 2021

It’s that time of year again! Back to school marks the changing of another season – the end of summer days and the beginning of chillier months. It also presents a whole new reality for students, their parents/ supporters, as well as for educators. New classes, new routines, and new challenges ahead means that back to school is a right a passage. It can feel like a really big deal!

Steadying Our Steps After a Challenging Season

Released: August 2021

Our way of life has radically shifted. As the world prepares to awaken and return to a more open state, people are left at varying degrees of readiness. Some people are nervous, while others eagerly await returning to the rhythms and routines of their lives. It is helpful that we use language that truly reflects what is happening. We are not returning to work, we never stopped working. We may be returning to premises. There is a difference.

Easing the Burden:
How Pharmacists Are Supporting a Depleted Healthcare System at the Cost of Their Own Wellness

Released: August 2021

The recovery of the greatest global health pandemic of our time has been made possible by countless professionals. We celebrate and honour each and every person who has contributed to solutions. Front line medical professionals have been rightfully lauded. And in this most deserved recognition, there is one group that seems to be overlooked, the Pharmacists. 

In collaboration with Nicole Gwiazdowicz & Calvin Poon.

Summer: The Season of Play For Everyone
(Even Grown-Ups)

Released: July 2021

Let this Summer be a precious time to refocus, rediscover and reconnect. After such a long season of stress, screens, and isolation, our children need our help learning how to play again. In this white paper I explore the benefits of outdoor play for children and adults alike, and the curiosity, wonder and magic that comes with embracing the season of play to not only bring back our kids, but also the kids within ourselves.

Special thanks to Jaime Whitley, M.Ed., who served as this
project’s lead research assistant and co-writer.

Stress, Burnout & Compassion Fatigue:
During Seasons of Uncertainty

Released: May 2021

The recent world events have deeply wounded our collective and personal wellness. One key lesson I hope we take with us as we move forward in life co-existing with Covid-19 is that stress and burnout are real. There is a belief that only weak people succumb to the pressure of stress. Some people think that if we are stoic enough or strong enough, stress will not affect us. This is simply not true. Stress and burnout hit hard and left unattended, wreak havoc in every areas of our lives. In this white paper, Jaime and I explore the role of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. We offer sustainable and practical ideas on how to practice active recovery both personally and professionally.

Special thanks to Jaime Whitley, M.Ed., who served as this
project’s lead research assistant and co-writer.

Cultivating Resilient Leaders & Teams

Released: January 2021

Leading is not for the faint of heart, but interestingly we rarely talk about the heart of true leadership. Leading has been especially challenging during the global health crisis, the needed racial reckoning and the political unrest that is sweeping across our countries. In this paper, I review what authentic leadership means and how to best support your teams through uncertain and trying times. When you focus your actions on building trust and inclusivity, and employees feel heard and supported, their resilience will grow, as will their engagement and performance. Although there is no official play book on how to lead in 2021, this is a good start!

The Guide to Resilient Children

Released: October 2020

Raising resilient children is not a destination, it’s a journey. It is a journey of learning how to best equip your child to meet life’s inevitable challenges. Research supports that when children are resilient, they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and better positioned to extend their reach into the world. In the ever-changing landscape of our world, it is crucial for children to develop their personal capacity for resiliency. I was honoured to partner with Scouts Canada to create this free resource for families and supports. Please feel free to share widely!

Resilience in Uncertain Times

Resilience in Uncertain Times

Release: June 2020

Here I explain resiliency as it progresses through seasons of great uncertainty. This paper is chalked full of examples and discussions about learning through difficult times, the importance of self-care, and letting go of narratives that do not serve you. I include an exercise for Fear-Setting (Ferris, 2014). I also revisit the five pillars of my resiliency model with a focus on micro-habits for wellness and productivity. I close with a ‘personal-expert weekly score card activity’ that I often use with others in my practice.

Everyday Resiliency

Everyday Resiliency

Released: January 2020

In this paper I cover my basic theory of resiliency in the form of the five pillars. I also include a discussion around stigma and the importance of self-compassion. I explore the notion of personal wellness as a means of showing up for ourselves and others.